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How should churches handle disagreements with the lead pastor and other communicators (designers, marketers, etc.)?Last week we asked how disagreements are handled between the lead pastor and other communicators. This can be a sticky point (and churches aren’t the only organizations who experience this), as evidenced in the reaction to our ‘You Know You’re in Church Communications If…’ PDF from a few months back.

A slim majority think cooler heads should prevail, as 51% said we should be able to talk it out like adults. That’s good to hear. Hopefully it actually happens.

Next comes 24% who say the tie goes to the pastor. This isn’t surprising considering at some point there needs to be deference to senior leadership. But hopefully everyone is listening and learning from each other. After all, you hire an expert for a reason.

Which leads us to the 13% who think the expert should have the final say. Experts better know their field, but it’s ultimately the pastor who runs with the vision.

Finally, 12% think it should come down to a game of paper, rock, scissors. My kind of people.

This week we turn to all things Christmas (sort of), and ask about churches using Santa Claus in communications pieces.

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  • Cameron
    December 23, 2008

    I think Santa can be incorporated into Christmas, but he must always be placed in the correct perspective. I’ve been experimenting with Nativity scenes that include Santa among the wise men.
    If you want to see the good, the bad and the ugly of mixing Santa and Jesus, have a look at This photo set.

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