What if the Church Marketed Like Starbucks?

November 7, 2008 by

This has been floating around on various blogs, but it’s poignant enough that you need to see it or see it again. And there’s no more appropriate place than a blog devoted to helping church marketing to no longer suck. Beyond Relevance has posted the video What if Starbucks Marketed Like A Church?

It’s absolutely hilarious, and you won’t regret taking five minutes to watch it and learn. (And maybe send to your pastor as a not-so-subtle hint.)

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Joshua Cody

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5 Responses to “What if the Church Marketed Like Starbucks?”

  • Antwon Davis
    November 9, 2008

    I visited the blog, watched the video, and decided to post it on my blog.
    I definitely think it’s a great conversation-starter.

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  • phill
    November 11, 2008


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  • Mike
    November 12, 2008

    Great production quality and interesting concept. Sadly there is a lot of truth in the video, but based on some of the comments is a public forum like YouTube the place to air such issues? How does it help the unbelieving community when we put a big satirical smackdown on our own? I’m not crazy about the fact that churches do treat guests that way but couldn’t there be a better venue to point that out? Or do you even do it without an invitation? How does this “build up in love toward Christlikeness?” I’m wondering if anyone is feeling this while watching?
    The YouTube comment that got me was, “hmm.. this made me think religion is even more ridiculous than i already did. Congrats church!” So here we have a church, satirizing other churches and further convincing a non-believer of their absurdity. How is this helpful to the cause and reputation of Christ? Why is no one taking on the arrogance of those who created the video? Like they know the right way to do it? They execute it exactly right every time? Is it possible that they are so culturally relevant that there is no difference between them and the actual culture? What would that look like in a video? And should we lob that bomb back at them in a public setting? At what point does this just become like eating our own in front of a watching world.
    Bums me out that so much time, effort and creativity was put out to satirize the bride of Christ. Brutal.

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  • YourWritingDept.com
    November 17, 2008

    Excellent. This is the way I feel everytime I enter a coffee shop other than my own. Sorry to say, but I am old fashioned coffee drinker. The original coffee. The true coffee.

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  • MightyFez
    March 4, 2014

    Sadly, there is too much truth in that video.

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