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2008_11_25_cmlpollresults.jpg85% of you know how fond we are of the Church Marketing Lab. (And another 15% of you are either first-time visitors or a little inattentive.) But we wanted to get a better feel for your thoughts about the Church Marketing Lab, so we decided to ask.

A third of you think it’s awesome and love it, and another 15% of you think it’s great, but it needs a little help. So that’s about half of you who really enjoy the Church Marketing Lab, even though you think it might need a little bit of work. If you have any ideas or suggestions, you can always e-mail us your ideas and opinions. But the best thing you can do is to stay active in the group to encourage the growth and strength of the community.

A quarter of you like the idea of the Church Marketing Lab, but you’re too intimidated to get involved. It’s a fine line to walk to critique without being too harsh, but we have a great team of moderators to help out with that issue. You’ll be able to submit work or add comments without being berated or belittled, but you will get some constructive criticism. So don’t be afraid!

Another 10% of you think it’s decent, but it isn’t your thing, and that’s all right too. But the 4% who don’t like it and the 15% who don’t know about it, you guys have to get your act together.

If you need more convincing about the Church Marketing Lab, just stop in for a visit.

This week, since it’s Thanksgiving, we want to know: Which Center for Church Communication project are you most thankful for? Click through your RSS reader to let us know!

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