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If you’re new to this conversation about church marketing and communication, one of the great resources available to us is MinistryCOM. This annual event started in Houston four years ago and quickly became the meeting of the minds for people who want to help improve church communication. MinistryCOM is a not-for-profit organization that also hosts the annual MinistryTECH conference.

I was unable to attend MinistryCOM in Oklahoma City last month but it sounds like I missed out on some great conversations. If you missed it, you can get your hands on the recently-released DVD set of workshops and keynotes. You’ll get audio for all of the main sessions and workshops, as well as video for the four main keynote presenters. I received my DVD set last week and copied files to my iTunes and caught up on some of what I missed. I was particularly interested to learn from Jon Acuff, a newer voice I had not heard before. In addition to his Skittle-tossing during transition segues, Jon poised a question that stuck with me. “Are we trying to make our stories bigger with God or just better to ourselves?” Our tendency as communicators can be to focus on the stories that move people instead of on the stories that move God. The stories that move God will certainly move people. But the stories that just move people, often because it’s about building our ego, or brand or church, are really not that big at all. Good stuff.

Our friends at MinistryCOM are running a 50 percent discount on the purchase of the DVD set when you order before November 15. Just enter promo code “CFCC” to get the discount. Enjoy!

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