Building Momentum for Building a Church

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2008_10_31_allin.jpgIf you’ve ever been in the midst of a building campaign for your church, you know that raising money for it sucks about 83% of the time. You have to do a sermon series on giving, have a crying child come on stage with broken crayons to talk about their old building and kick it up to two offerings a week (one with a cheesy name like “Miracle May” or “Generous January.”)

Well, Superstition Springs Community Church had a better idea for their “All In” campaign. They created a well-designed blog, made plans and information about their new building easily accessible and even included things like download-able wallpapers for your computer. That way, before you click “Buy it now” on that $700 juicer/meat grinder/espresso machine on eBay, you could think about how that $700 could be used for the church.

They make a good point with their campaign. Nothing is really groundbreaking. They still named their campaign, they just made it less cheesy. They still told stories to inspire people, they just did it with more clarity. They still let people know what the new building plans were like, they just did it with more openness.

They took all of the elements of traditional fundraising, and they thought, “How can we do this better?” And their output was great marketing that’s already seeing big results.

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