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2008_09_16freebiespollresults.jpgLike it or not, we’ve all been to church at least once before for the free stuff. For me, it was free Chick-fil-a that started my journey of faith. So what freebie would be most likely to get you going to a church?

Holding the number one spot, ever since free fish and bread (and later, blood and body) in the first century, it’s free food. Everyone loves free food, so your church ought to be dishing it out.

We have a dead-heat after that. 23% of you are way above free stuff. You will not sell your membership–no way, no how. But another 23% of you will for shiny, new church materials. You want to hear more about the church, and that’s the only way you’ll decide.

As gas prices go through the roof, and then through the clouds and onwards, 18% of you are clamoring for some free gas. If you paid your way there for week one, the church should pay for week two.

Beyond that are the meager 4% who want cold, hard cash and 3% who want coupons. In real-world tests, I imagine cash would get a much better response than a weak 4%. Shoot, I’d give you a try if the price is right. I’ve heard of pastors on eBay, but maybe I’ll have to put my membership on there…

This week, click through to the site and let us know in our new poll: Which of these ways does your church send messages to all of its members?

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