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I’m really honored and looking forward to speaking at the HOW Design Conference next week. For those of you who will be there, I thought I’d give you a sneak peak at the CFCC session and for those of you not going, maybe it’ll give you a reason to attend.

We’ll start by looking at the landscape of church marketing, some of our mis-turns, some of the embarrassing excuses and some of the highlights of church marketing. I’ll start off with one of the funniest, if misguided, church signs I’ve seen and offer something the corporate world could actually learn from the church marketing world.

I’ll spend some time talking about how we ended up here. The church was once the mecca of the art world and somehow we ended up at clipart. How did that happen and how do we correct our course? We’ll also talk about those who just don’t understand the importance of good marketing within the church and the three reasons people get stuck in mediocrity.

I’ll share four things you can do to change that landscape and begin to link arms with leadership and give you three words that can change the tone of any creative meeting that will get everyone on board and lead to “yes” instead of “no.”

And then I’ll wrap it all up and lead the charge to creating church marketing that doesn’t suck.

Preparing for this conference was much different than all the other speaking engagements I’ve had recently or will have this year. Typically I am speaking to a room of pastors or church staff … typically people still working towards excellence in marketing. This conference is full of people at the top of their game. It was a great challenge that pushed me to what I hope will be a great session and I hope to see you there!

And don’t forget to sign up for Church+Chocolate on Monday night!

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Michael Buckingham

With the goal of making the church the most creative place on the planet, Michael founded Holy Cow Creative, the church’s creativity and design studio. He is the former creative director for the Center for Church Communication and Church Marketing Sucks, and is currently the experience pastor at Victory World Church in Atlanta.
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