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2008_05_20cfcchowpollresults.jpgCFCC and HOW Design are official. If you missed out on that news, now you’re in the know. At the HOW Design Conference, Michael Buckingham led a session on behalf of CFCC, and we’re excited about what the future will bring us. So we wanted to know what you thought of these going-ons.

Most of you aren’t fully in the know yet about all this will mean. You’re not sure of exactly what HOW is, so you can’t be too excited about the partnership. Well, HOW Design is a creativity, business and technology magazine for graphic designers. You can get involved in competitions, their creative tip of the month or tons of other stuff on their site. So for the non-voters and the 68% who aren’t sure of what HOW is, you are now equipped to check them out.

Another 8% of you say HOW isn’t exactly your thing. That’s all right, we’re not all graphic designers. Perhaps Forbes or Apple or Krispy Kreme will knock on our door next for a partnership. And for the record, yes, we are interested.

Our favorite Another 25% of you are totally stoked about the partnership. As are we. Maybe some of you were at Michael’s session at the HOW Design Conference, and if you weren’t, watch for a summary from him soon.

For those of you in an RSS reader, make sure to click through this week and let us know, will video in the Church Marketing Lab be of any use to churches in their marketing efforts?

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  • sharon
    May 21, 2008

    Great Job Michael! I was at the HOW conference and attended Michael’s session. He did such a great job and had a great number of people attend!

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