7 Ways to Put the CFCC Network to Work for You

May 29, 2008 by

So you know about the Job Lab, Freelance Lab, Local Labs and the Church Marketing Lab. But here are a few ideas of ways to go outside of the norm to put the Center for Church Communication to work for your marketing.

  • Comment and network. Maybe you’re looking to connect with churches or fellow church marketers. Perhaps you’re looking to get in good with some blogger. Who knows what, but you won’t maximize Church Marketing Sucks without being involved in the discussion. Comment, and if you want to go deeper, stalk follow folks in the Church Marketing Lab on Twitter.

  • Ask technical questions. Not sure how to do something with Photoshop? Need to know a good printer? There are a thousand technical and nitpicky questions that you need answered. The Church Marketing Lab is way more than just a bunch of pictures; check out the “Discuss” section to get all your questions answered.
  • Get revised. Another idea for the Church Marketing Lab is to submit your copywriting for revision. Are you writing an e-mail, a video, a radio spot or a bulletin? You could submit that text in the “Discuss” section and have 2,000 eyes shred it apart for spelling and grammatical areas. If that won’t boost your self-esteem, I don’t know what will.
  • Attend events. Our Events Lab isn’t usually as hot a topic as our other labs, but don’t forget it. It’s a great teammate for the Church Marketing Lab, as you can almost always find some of the Church Marketing Lab members hanging out at conferences and events mentioned in the Events Lab. Get connected with someone using these two projects.
  • Share stories. One of the most encouraging things for church marketers is knowing that sometimes churches are getting it right. Learning and inspiring are huge parts of our community, and its a great way for you to go beyond your church to help the Church. You can e-mail us church marketing success stories or you can share them in the Church marketing Lab, but use us to share your stories.
  • Get ready to Don’t Suck. If you haven’t heard, we’re getting ready to give another whirl to the Don’t Suck List, which is an awesome way to let people know about what you do. So keep your eyes open, and the Don’t Suck List could work wonders for you.
  • Search, search, search! There are two places to do this. One is in the right sidebar of the Church Marketing Sucks site to peruse four years of church marketing. The other is in the discussion board of the Church Marketing Lab. You can find great information on Photoshop tutorials, style guides or whatever else you need. We’ve been building a mountain of information for you all this time, so make sure to use it!
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2 Responses to “7 Ways to Put the CFCC Network to Work for You”

  • Paul Carlson
    May 29, 2008

    I just added the Events Lab calendar to my Google calendar…. I didn’t know you guys were doing that. Cool stuff.

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  • Tamra Kellogg
    June 3, 2008

    I agree with your article whole heartedly. Every time we speak we represent our church and most importantly, Jesus. It’s tough to live in our flesh sometimes but we need to remember that the Christ that lives in us may be the only Christ some people see. Wow! That’s a big responsibility and we need to ask for help with it every day!

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