Valentine’s Day Poll Results

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2008_02_12valentinesdaypoll.jpgCupid has come and gone, chocolate is now on sale and star-crossed lovers are no longer smelling the roses. Last week, we asked how many of you would be celebrating Valentine’s Day at church with a love, marriage, dating, sex, etc. series. Here’s what you had to say:

25% of you are jumping on the opportunity. You’re looking to convince the world that the Bible has something to say about this whole love thing.

Slightly less of you, 22%, are sticking to the liturgical calendar. If the schedule says to celebrate St. Valentine, then by gosh, you’ll do it.

But by far, the big winner are those of you who are kicking love to the curb this Valentine’s Day. Maybe you don’t want to use a series to talk about these things, maybe they just didn’t fit in or maybe you just hate love–whatever it might be, we hope you enjoyed your non-romantic Valentine’s Sunday.

This week, we’re asking you, how does your church make its sermons available to those who want them?

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