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December 19, 2007 by

2007_12_18marketinggift.jpgIn the spirit of Christmas, we asked you what church marketing gift you most wanted to give your church leaders this year. Here’s what you said:

There was a tie at the top. 34% of you wanted to give them a shiny, new marketing perspective. They just don’t get this whole marketing thing, and you hope Santa Claus can convince them otherwise. Another 34% of you want a new web site. If you’re web site is all off-kilter, then you probably need to give them a new marketing perspective as well. That one is kind of a two-for-one deal.

9% of you want to give a rockin’ awesome old-school CMS tee. Write your Congressman and rally the troops. If we see enough support, maybe that’s something that could happen in the future.

8% of you want to pass on all of Brad’s nine must-read books. Apparently your church leaders need the gift of a way to fill time, since they have enough to read nine books. Tied up with them are the 8% of you who just want to find a way to make them shut up about church marketing. After all, going overboard with church marketing talk can really put a damper on holiday spirits.

Finally, 5% of you want a link to the Job Lab. Your wish is our command. Copy and paste this: into your e-mail client, type in an e-mail address and hit send. Wow, Christmas will come early for some church leaders!

This week, we ask the question, what do you want CMS to give you for Christmas?

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  • Scott Magdalein
    December 19, 2007

    I own Updatable [], a digital design studio in Jacksonville that specializes in custom, staff-controlled websites. We offer special pricing [20% off normal price] for faith-based non-profits.
    In light of the amazing need for new websites for your churches, I just decided that we’ll take off another 10% for folks who mention that they’ve read this comment and need a site.
    Consider it an early Christmas present for you or your organization. This discount applies to for-profit organizations also and will end December 31 for everyone.

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