Lend A Helping Hand

October 22, 2007 by

Looking through our Church Marketing Lab, a couple discussion caught my eye. I thought that our CMS readers could certainly add value to these discussion.

For starters, user tap57 is looking for creative inspiration for a pledge card. Any ideas? Have you ever done this before? She’s a new Flickr user from our Church Marketing Lab LIVE session. so head over and show some love to the discussion.

The second order of business is a more theoretical question. Anyone involved in churches has probably wrestled with this one–do first time visitors want more or less information about your church? Head over and let us know what you think visitors are looking for and how to handle it.

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One Response to “Lend A Helping Hand”

  • rochelle
    November 18, 2007

    A congregation that has a lot of need like, help with groceries, clothing for their children and they have comed to this church for the help.
    How do you teach a poor congregation to pledge? without getting the defense of not everyone can give how do you turn that around even if you give $1.00 it is a beginning.
    What should the approach be?

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