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I’m just getting back into the swing of things after a great time at the MinistryCOM conference in Nashville last week. I talk often about setting the bar as communicators, and what a great time of hanging out with 400+ people who are pressing forward to set the bar, and many that are blowing it away!

Terry Storch of kicked off the conference on Thursday morning … this guy doesn’t just get technology he understands how to use technology to reach people. He made a simple point, but one with a lot of impact: Our focus as a church used to be all about service times, Sunday morning was where it was all at. But that simply doesn’t apply anymore–we are a 24/7 culture now.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t take in a morning breakout–had a last minute mongo poster to design–which was a bummer because I was really looking forward to the discussion on marketing to multicultural audiences. Too often we make that all about finding the right stock photo, and it is obviously so much more than that.

I did make it in time for lunch with a bunch of the gang from the Church Marketing Lab. I’m still dealing with some jealousy issues after learning of Tim’s new digs in the John Hancock building … you are a lucky man!

I was so thrilled to be able to talk to a room full of people pressing forward and working together to produce excellent church marketing in the first Church Marketing Lab LIVE! Thank you to everyone who came out. I had no idea what to expect or if I was just going to end up in the room alone. And another round of applause to all of you who interacted with each other, I am counting on the fact that your communications are better because of it.

As I knew she would, Dawn Nicole Baldwin, of AspireOne, talked all about branding and blanding. Bottom line, branding is much more than your logo or even your style guide, it’s all about how people’s perception of you.

Our very own Brad Abare finished off day one. If you haven’t heard Brad speak before, he is the real deal, as genuine as they come. As one person put it, “Brad put the ‘ministry’ in ‘MinistryCOM’.” The tenth chapter of Matthew talks about being salty and that we should be bringing the saltiness as communicators. Brad had us all take 30 seconds and turn to the person on our left and stare into their eyes in total silence. What a great example of transparency–try it! I could do a whole post on his session.

The next morning was kicked off by Shawn Wood of Seacoast church. Shawn did a PowerPoint marathon–click, click, click—that was just awesome. I’ve never seen it used so well! Shawn talked about “stuff.” That “stuff” we do everyday. He reminded us it’s not about stuff, it’s about Jesus. The kicker was the artist’s mandate: Do what you do as if unto God. Heavy. True.

I’m in the middle of design development on a large capital campaign so the Capital Campaign workshop that afternoon was perfect timing. My big takeaway was to keep up the momentum. A capital campaign cannot be about the campaign, or a kickoff Sunday, or a single commitment card. It has to weave itself throughout the year (or years) to keep the momentum going and the vision fresh.

What better way to end the conference on Friday afternoon than with Kem Meyer of Granger. She brought people to tears. Seriously, I saw them. I think it was because she understood them. I think it started when she let everyone sitting there know that she appreciated the part they play in ministry. The video she showed of the lady that sat in a parking lot week after week until finally stepping into the church because someone was bold enough to break the rules certainly kept the tears coming. Kem also reminded us all to check our perspective. Is everything about you? Are you giving orders or asking questions? Good stuff!

If you missed it I encourage you to get the CDs. There isn’t one of the main sessions that’s not worth the cost. Thank you to all of you who came out to the workshop, it was truly a blessing to be able to take part in this great conference. I know I am looking forward to continuing the conversations and developing the relationships started in Nashville.

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