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2007_09_25announcementspoll.jpgSometimes when you’re at church you hear the words, “Let’s go ahead and bring up our [blank], Mr./Mrs. [blank] for the announcements.” Sometimes, when you’re at church, you hear a collective sigh and the sound of dying momentum. We asked you how to fix that.

Most of you think announcements ought to be relegated to videos before or after the service. 46% of you are tired of someone rambling on about announcements in the middle of the service.

22% of you like the way things are. Announcements make your heart skip a beat, and you love to hear them during the service. 12% of you want to get them out of the way at the beginning of the service. Then, people could just come late if they didn’t want to hear them.

8% of you want them at the end of the service so folks can slip out if they need to. 2% of you, whose church I might not be too excited to visit, want to tell about the potluck supper at the beginning and end of the service. A final 11% of you want to give announcements the boot and go all e-mail newsletters and web sites. Blasphemous announcement killers.

This week, it’s about time for big fall kickoffs with football, fireworks, giveaways and more. Is your church doing something to kick off the fall?

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  • Shane
    September 25, 2007

    Our church did something that I thought was kind of cool for the beginning of the school year – they held a “Bless the Bags” service that all the youth brought their backpacks to church and there was a special prayer said over them for the school year.
    It sounded good in theory, at least.

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