You Said It: June Comment Roundup

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Around here, it’s 50% what we say, and 90% what you guys say that matters. Wait, no. Oh well. Without your comments, we couldn’t spread our message with nearly as much conviction or success, so here’s some interesting things you all had to say in June…

  • “I think this shows that it’s not cool worship bands that draw people to a church … it’s the people that live like Christ that draw people to a church.” -Big Mike Lewis on Keeping A Church Poll Results
  • “I’m pretty sure that 2000 some-odd years of church history has shown make disciples to be the most sure fire way to keep’m coming back … Well that and serving up fresh Starbucks with fresh Krispy Kremes never hurts either.” – Mean Dean on Keeping A Church Poll Results

  • “A friend of mine who just moved his church to a school is kicking himself in the rear for the last year they spent idle while meeting in a funeral home…” – Bill LaMorey on Where Should A New Church Meet?
  • “Being a CFO, this is the same for any company in any industry … You want to overtly demonstrate your progress towards your goals. It is a static look at your financial, treasury and administrative operations, and stewardship.” – michael on Calling All Financial Minds
  • “If you are trying to reach people 16-28 (especially students) Facebook is a must.” – Brad Christian on Where’s the Church on Facebook?
  • “There was a missing option — ‘Wherever my denominational headquarters send me.’ Fair enough, it doesn’t apply to many, but it applies at least to me!” – Cameron on Church Seeking Poll Results
  • “What people fail to realize is that most of the bible (especially the NT) WAS written as ‘relevant’ doctrine … using (at that time) modern culture, examples, and stories to support and build their messages.” – Bill Cecchini on Leaving Church Poll Results
  • “The way to get people into church is to get them plugged into their purpose. Coming in, singing a couple tunes, and hearing a message will only last so long.” – Mike on Gee, I Should Go To Church Today
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