The Church Responds To Virginia Tech Tragedy

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As Virginia Tech and all of America continue to mourn and grieve, the church has begun to respond. In instances like this where there is little physical and monetary relief to provide, the primary responsibility of the church is obviously to be the hands of God–to bind up the broken-hearted and heal their wounds. Through love, prayer and godly counsel. Here’s a little insight to how the church is responding so far …

A lot of people are struggling with how to deal with this and what to do in response. Previous tragedies have been much more tactile–send money, volunteer or send goods. This time, however, things are different. Our support involves a lot of trust and a lot of prayer. It’s nearly impossible to imagine the word “marketing” at a time like this. Churches near Blacksburg are disconcerned with marketing themselves or attracting crowds–as they should be.

And perhaps that’s the best marketing of all–the church simply doing what it’s called to do.

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One Response to “The Church Responds To Virginia Tech Tragedy”

  • Gloria
    April 23, 2007

    Don’t forget ministries who are intimately involved with students.
    If anyone is interested in sending support, my best friend and her husband are campus pastors at VT.

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