Amarillo Church Wins Addy Award

February 26, 2007 by

An Amarillo, Texas church snagged a best in show (registration requried) at the Addy Awards for the second year in a row. Trinity Fellowship Church won the local division of the highly respected awards competition for creative marketing and advertising, beating out mainstream corporations and organizations in Amarillo.

“Usually what you see is that churches are behind the mark of what the world and other businesses in town are doing. We are doing our best to reach people just as much as Coca-Cola is. Marketing and advertising is the modern language we all speak. It’s our outlet to speak the hope of Jesus Christ through a language that everyone understands.” -Patrick Kemp, associate pastor of creative ministries

Nice. Keep this up and we’ll have to change our name.

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One Response to “Amarillo Church Wins Addy Award”

  • Mitzi
    January 12, 2008

    I find this a little confusing, this whole ad thing I mean. I guess I’m living in the dark ages. I wasn’t aware that churches NEED marketing departments. Seems like a shame to me. I thought people were drawn and won by more spiritual means. I’ve been to Trinity several times & your right, they’re into marketing. The last time I went there, the speaker spent 20 minutes promoting his book (the pastor was away making his t.v. show). After the speaker pushed his book he spent the other 15 minutes talking about tennis. So they win an award for the best marketing but forget the reason they’re there. I call it the commercialization of what is supposed to be holy, and I’m not buying. I had a very strong unction to turn over the tables of books for sale in the foyer; but I, being the cowardly, disobedient Christian that I am, took the safe way out and just never returned.

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