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peer-review Article
July 7, 2006

Church Marketing Lab Round Up #14

It’s that time again. Get in there and help the church matter. Creative Arts – poster design.…

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off-the-wall Article
July 6, 2006

The Statue of Liberation Through Christ

You just can’t make this stuff up. 72 feet tall. Cross instead of a torch. 10 Commandments in her arm. Total cost: $260,000. It’s not quite Lady Liberty; it’s the ...

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writing-editing Article
July 5, 2006

The Paradox of Copywriting

Church Relevance looks at the paradox of copywriting and explores the difficulty of writing good copy for churches. It should be short and sweet, but don’t be afraid to write ...

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news-updates Article
July 5, 2006

Support CMS with Squidoo

You can now support our non-profit parent, the Center for Church Communication (and by extension Church Marketing Sucks) through the web 2.0 site Squidoo. The site lets you earn income ...

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poll-results Article
July 3, 2006

What Do You Do Poll Results

Last week we asked what kind of work everybody does, and the results are a nice spread. Graphic designers are out front with 19% (any of you interested in volunteering ...

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