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February 6, 2006 by

How important is the type of seating your church has?Last week we asked about the importance of the seating in your church. Far and away people said seating only matters in that it shouldn’t distract. 12% thought the seating had to be comfy and 4% thought the rock solid pew was the way to go. 13% straight up didn’t care about seating, which means they’re more focused and less distracted than the rest of the world.

This week we’re asking what church giveaways you’d like to see. So far fried chicken at the potluck is taking the lead with 41%.

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Kevin D. Hendricks

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2 Responses to “Butts in Pews Poll Results”

  • Jim McGee
    February 9, 2006

    A friend who serves with a mission agency that I work with was sharing his faith testimony with a group of people today. He only semi-jokingly attributed his faith to pew cushions. As a teenager he said he hated going to church because of the hard wooden pews. Later, his family began attending a church that had pew cushions. With a more receptive seat, he became receptive to attending, and eventually receptive to the Gospel.
    Given the recent poll, I had to laugh — and post — about it!

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  • Dana O
    March 15, 2006

    Our church still has pews. We’ve just completed a 4,200 seat worship center and, yup you guessed it, Pews.
    They’ve found that pews are better for maximizing the seating space.
    Think about it. If you’re faced with sitting next to someone you don’t know, chances are you sit one chair apart from that person. With pews, we’ve found that the space people sit apart is less than an actual “chair’s width.”
    Who knew there was a science to seating? :)

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