This Sermon Brought To You By Narnia

December 9, 2005 by

The much-hyped Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe opens in theaters today and for every bit of Narnia marketing you come across it seems you’ll also find a corresponding article in the media.

The CT Weblog offers some broad coverage and specifically explores the question, did Disney pay for your sermon? Sermon Central is offering a Narnia sermon contest where you can win a trip to London and $1,000 cash. They’re not outright bribing pastors to mention Narnia in a sermon since pastors only need to submit a transcript or outline and it is just a random drawing.

But it is a very small step away from simply handing Pastor Joe a check in exchange for mentioning Faith-Based Movie X in his sermon. It’s like those oh-so-sublte Sears placements in Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.

And that doesn’t make me feel good. Though it could be a solution to the perpetual church problem of the budgeted and actual income lines never matching up.

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Kevin D. Hendricks

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4 Responses to “This Sermon Brought To You By Narnia”

  • anthonyjohn
    December 9, 2005

    I wouldn’t be so quick to judge the whole Sears thing…from what I understand, they give a ton of free stuff for the families on the show. Free advertising and a shameless plug now and then isn’t much to pay for tens of thousands of dollars in merchandise, is it?
    I’m with you on the sermons, though…at what point would a pastor be prostituting himself by forming a sermon around a potential payment rather than around the leading of the Holy Spirit?

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  • patrick
    December 9, 2005

    here’s my prediction for the team that takes home the grand prize.

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  • s. zeilenga
    December 12, 2005

    And if you put yourself in the shoes of the Narnia/Disney marketers it is a pretty smart move. Get as many Christians talking about it as possible and you suddenly open up a door to more sales. Almost a “seeding the marketplace” concept.
    I dont’ know if I agree with the ethics of the whole using the church to market a commercial product. But, then again, perhaps we can reverse the concept and learn a bit from this. What would it take to get the secular world to start purposely mentioning churches in their advertising?
    Good discussion topics here… hmmmm.

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  • Milton Crow
    December 20, 2005

    But wasn’t Christianity itself designed to be mass-marketed? After all, it’s not based on any one culture’s indigenous belief system…it’s more of a franchise, based on a standard format…the McDonald’s of religions.
    I think it sucks that Christians are using classic fantasy literature to sell their tired dogma, but if that’s what it takes to pay for a truly beautiful screen portrayal of Narnia, then the end justifies the means.

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