What’s in a Name?

August 2, 2004 by

Everything. The church should know that. Yet again and again you’ll see churches with baffling names, either for the entire church or for programs or titles. You might think I was married in a retirement community (“Spring Lake Church”), and you’ll definitely wonder what two staff members at Bethlehem Baptist do (Pastor of “Evangelism, Discipleship & Assimilation,” Pastor of “Student & Young Adult Care & Assimilation”).

When businesses pick a name, they spend a few million. So why can’t the church spend a few minutes? The naming and branding company Igor offers a free 52-page PDF Naming Guide, which covers some basic strategy for picking product and company names. If your church is considering renaming itself or even just looking to name a new ministry, check out Igor’s free advice.

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Kevin D. Hendricks

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    April 14, 2005

    What’s in a (church) name? part deux

    My very first post was about church names. Today I found a great post on the subject at Church Marketing Sucks, which links to an awesome manual on how to name things. For some reason I find all this fascinating….

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