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church-business Article
November 6, 2006

The Money-Back Guaranteed Tithe

Here’s something different., the church with locations in Oklahoma, Texas, Arizona and online is offering a three-month tithing challenge. Give for three months. If God doesn’t deliver on his ...

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poll-results Article
November 6, 2006

Election Day Poll

Last week we asked about how churches should deal with politics at election time. A resounding 62% said churches should just remind their congregations to vote. 17% said politics and ...

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reviews Article
November 3, 2006

Look Mom, I’m Chasing Lions

I just finished reading one of the most refreshing books I’ve read in awhile. It was also one of the easiest books I’ve read lately. These two reasons alone should ...

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the-christian-walk Article
November 2, 2006

Snakes in the Pew

Too often the work of communicating the message of the church is ruined because of the people in the church. Dr. Ergun Caner shared the message “Snakes in the Pew” ...

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evangelism-outreach Article
November 1, 2006

Church People are Weird

That’s what Gary Lamb, pastor of Ridge Stone Church in Canton, Ga. says in the post that made him famous. He originally posted it last year and it resulted in ...

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